1. When should I book the class?

As soon as you know your due date and schedule you can book into a class, book early, around 28 weeks, to avoid disappointment and have more dates to choose from.


2. How many weeks should I be when I attend the class?

33-37 weeks gestation.


3. Where is the class located?

Classes will be held in an air-conditioned room in the Langley Immanual Christian Reformed Church located at 21713 50th Ave, Langley, V3A 3T2.


4. How many classes are there?

This is a single, information rich evening course on select Mondays from 7-10 pm


5. Who teaches the class?

Registered nurses with current Labour and Delivery experience.  These nurses also have neonatal, antenatal, and postpartum experience.


6. How much does the class cost?

$75.00 per couple, taxes and parking included. 


7. How do I pay for the class?

A week before the class, we will email for confirmation and collect payment through etransfer. 


8. What information is covered in the class?

We begin the class with a discussion on the “Normal” aches and pains, or changes you body is experiencing in these last few weeks of pregnancy.  We talk about when you should call the hospital and reasons why to go to hospital.  We cover how labour often starts, and what that would feel like. The stages of labour what is happening and what comfort measures are helpful in each stage.  Throughout the class support people are given suggestions of ways they can be helpful and supportive, including things they should avoid doing.   Medical interventions like induction, Fetal monitoring, vacuum, forceps, and c-section deliveries are discussed along with reasons why these are sometimes necessary.  Pain Relief options both natural and medicated is discussed at length, along with breathing and massage techniques.  Many of the “tips and tricks” discussed in this class are not easily found in books but come from the years of labour experience these teachers have, and can share with you.  Small class sizes allow for lots of time for questions and open discussions.


9.  Who should attend the class?

The pregnant woman and a support person should attend.  This can be either a spouse, partner, friend, mother, or sister.


10. Does it matter which Hospital I am scheduled to deliver?

No, most hospital practices and policies in regards to labour and delivery are the same throughout BC, the information taught in this class will apply to all hospitals.  Information on comfort measures, stages of labour, and coping strategies is the same for most deliveries throughout the world.


11. What do I bring with me to the class?

Bring one pillow.


12. I have more questions or a special circumstance, can I talk to a teacher directly?

Yes, just send us an email with a phone number to best reach you and one of the teachers will call you back.