My husband and I attended the pre natal class at Langley hospital in September 2013. I delivered my son at Peace Arch Hospital, as planned, on November 1, 2013. My husband and I were not able to attend the scheduled pre natal course offered by Peace Arch Hospital and therefore decided to look for courses elsewhere. We chose to participate in the Langley Hospital pre natal course because it was a one evening commitment  and was less than half of the cost of courses offered elsewhere. The course ran about 3 hours and covered enough to send me home with more knowledge and preparedness for labour. The instructors acted out many scenarios and used a hands on and humorous approach for delivering the content. We were not concerned that we attended the course elsewhere than the hospital we had planned to deliver in and were not disappointed in the decision. The information provided was not specific to Langley and therefore we felt as prepared as we could have for labour. Thank you for the great course!

“As first time parents we found this class especially helpful not just for knowledge, but also to relate with others who were all in the same situation and to ease some of our nerves. We felt very welcome and right at home; the instructors were wonderful and incorporated instruction, discussion time and lots of fun. We would recommend this class to every expecting parent.”
Cara & Yohannes

“Thank you so much for putting on such a GREAT workshop last night. My husband and I learned a lot and appreciated how you managed to fit in so much information in a short amount of time and still make everything clear and straightforward. Thank you both so much!!! I will definitely be recommending your class to anyone I know in need of a good prenatal class!”
Sarah (expectant mother)

"Current, knowledgeable and experienced teaching staff – taught with sincerity and just the right amount of humor. You’ll love this class and leave wanting to take them with you into your delivery! I consider this prenatal class as essential for all my first time Moms.”
Dr. Steve Hansen

“A very informative and realistic guide to labour and delivery taught by experienced Langley maternity RN/s. An essential tool to building confidence in new moms and dads who may fear the unknown.”